Our Vision for the Future


Since our humble beginning in 1982, our community has grown and thrived.

Together, we laid the bricks for the wall out front. We planted a garden and invited the bees. We cooked soup and sautéed tofu.

We meditated. We chanted for world peace. We made up poems, laughed, and welcomed thousands in from the 10 directions. Our community has seen it all: birth and loss, marriage and divorce, suffering and joy.

These decades, we have supported each other in walking the Path.

Today, the Hermitage building – which sits on the adjacent lot behind the Temple – is no longer suitable to house our clergy. We contend with floods in the basement, rampant mold and a serious rodent problem. The house is, unfortunately, better off being torn down than repaired.

But, in the spirit of the Six Right Livelihood Guidelines, we are trying to be as grateful for our challenges as we are for our opportunities.

That’s why we’re launching a capital campaign to replace the Hermitage with a new building that will be truly transformational for our community. We have always been a spunky and vibrant bunch of people, and together, we can meet our goal of raising $1.2 million to achieve this vision for the future.


With these funds, we will not just be replacing a cramped, unhealthy dwelling, but building a new center of Buddhist training to serve Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities for decades to come with more space for practice, living, meeting, and study.

The new 7,500-square-foot building will allow us to:

  • Foster our burgeoning Zen Families program.
  • Train students from near and far who aspire to become Buddhist teachers and priests — the new Hermitage will also include a modern media room to allow even broader participation through video conferencing.
  • Provide adequate space for a growing number of active dharma study groups — including the Earth in Mind environmental group, Refuge Recovery (Buddhist AA), and Mindful Transitions.
  • Accommodate more residents and visitors.
  • Provide more dedicated retreat space — including a porch for walking meditation.
  • Offer a wider variety of events and activities.
  • House our clergy, now and in the future.

In these uncertain times, there is a great need for community and the wisdom and refuge of the Buddhist teachings.

In expanding what we are able to offer through our Temple, we seek to rise to the occasion before us: To live our values of communal harmony and simplicity, and to share the wisdom of the Buddhist path for decades to come.